This event is expired since Wednesday, 8 July 2020 .

Executive MBA talks: Leading teams in times of crisis

Presented by Hetty Brand-Boswijk, Director of Coaching / Lead Coach at RSM

Webinar series - Executive MBA

Join the 2nd event in our webinar series for candidates interested in our part-time Executive MBA.

Crisis affects individuals in different ways, and when a group of individuals make up a team, leaders have to think about more than just dealing with the crisis at hand. This webinar addresses the different aspects of leading teams in times of crisis from one particular leadership style, the coaching perspective.

In particular, during this session you will learn how to:

  • Prioritise health and well-being for effective team work
  • Identify the human ‘being’ vs. the human ‘doing’
  • Listen to the whole person
  • Truly ‘see’ your team members
  • Re-evaluate team values to fit the moment
  • Motivate the team from a place of empowerment

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