Movers and shakers

Keep up to date with the professional advancements of fellow alumni as they develop their careers and move not only to new positions and companies, but also to different countries. Making a career move? If so, contact us at

Maarten Bijl

Executive MBA , 2010

Formerly Commercial and Operational Director, Primagaz Benelux. Now General Manager Benelux, Primagaz (SHV Energy) (The Netherlands & Belgium)

Effective: January 2015

Elizabeth Dyas

Full-time MBA, 2012

Moves from the position of Senior Product Marketing Manager with Elsevier B.V. to become the company’s Director of Product Marketing, Elsevier B.V. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Effective: February 2015

Swapna Nair

Full-time MBA, 2012

Has moved from the role of Business Development Manager with Infosys Limited to become Director of Business Development & Sales with Capgemini (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Effective: January 2015

Jos van der Welle

MSc Marketing Management, 2009

The Marketeer with COAS Software Systems takes up the role of Marketing Director with Well-e (The Netherlands)

Effective: January 2015

Niko van Eeghen

MSc General Management - Innovation Management specialization, 2008

Previously Head of Mobile Phone Programme with Nokia-owned HERE. Now Head of Consumer Experience Products with the same company (Berlin, Germany)

Effective: January 2015

Eefke de Valk

MSc in International Management/CEMS, 2006 

The former International Project Manager with Studio Banana takes on the role of Continuous improvement Project Leader, Cargill (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Effective: April 2015

Gido van Puijenbroek

MSc in International Management/CEMS, 2007

Previously an Independent consultant & project manager, now Managing Partner & HR Analytics Consultant, AnalitiQs (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Effective: April 2015

Tarek Pierre Bassil

Executive Masters in Financial Management (Class of Lebanon, 2013)

Moves from the role of Equities Dealer at Byblos Bank to become Relationship Manager, Private Banking, Banque Libano Francaise (Beirut, Lebanon)

Effective: February 2015

Alexander Pierrou

OneMBA, 2009

The Business Unit Head at Coca-Cola Enterprises Sweden becomes a General Manager Spandex Nordic Region and Managing Director R&D Spandex AB (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway)

Effective: March 2015

Ivan Pintar

MSc in International Management /CEMS, 2010

Formerly Industry Manager, Retail, with Google. Now Head of Retail UK & Ireland, Nest Labs (London, United Kingdom)

Effective: December 2014


This article first appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of RSM Outlook.

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