Alumni-backed scholarships

We’ve recently had several offers of scholarships from alumni. This isn’t yet a flood but it does corroborate what we know: that “giving back” is a major reason why alumni stay in contact with RSM. So here on the back page we plan to bring you regular updates about how alumni are supporting the future of RSM – and how you can join in.

Why is this idea picking up speed now? We’d like to think that alumni are more aware of the increasing value of the RSM network, of the benefits of philanthropic acts, and it has never been easier to keep in touch.

Donors tell us they were motivated by the major influence of RSM in their lives – because of the education they received, the lifelong friends they established, or because of the study experience. They want to provide similar opportunities for future students. We see this as a self-perpetuating effect. Helping disadvantaged students to come to RSM creates a more diverse classroom; students have a great experience at RSM and want the same for others, and so the cycle begins again.

Future RSM students can look forward to:

  • two American study exchange scholarships of €1,500 for ‘very driven and innovative students’, given every year since 2010.
  • a new EUR bachelor scholarship of €3,000 per year for a student from China, offered by RSM IBA and ESE alumni.
  • an MBA scholarship planned by the MBA1999 class; they want to raise €30,000 annually by their 20th anniversary in 2019.
  • an IBA-alumni backed scholarship for ‘an IBA student with entrepreneurial spirit’ before the end of 2015; it’s currently being finalised.

It’s still early days for us. We’re still putting in place the structures that will let you give back in the way you want to, and we hope to consolidate a new combined fund for more impact as well as create an overview of scholarships and waivers. At the moment, donations are allocated to future students, but fine-tuning our plans means we can earmark other projects such as developing services or activities, research projects and campus facilities.

If you have an idea or questions about giving back, please contact Nicole Eshuis, Project Manager Fundraising EMAIL: To talk about mentorship, internships or vacancies, please contact the Alumni Relations Office EMAIL


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