Movers and Shakers

Timothy Price

Full-time MBA 2016

The former digital humanities researcher at the Bavarian Academy of Sciences in Germany becomes senior content strategist (web marketing) with Axis41 (Salt Lake City, USA).

Effective: December 2015

Julien Marmugi

Full-time MBA 2015

Moves from the role of project manager R&D and engineering, Procter & Gamble, Belgium, to become M&A integration manager, Philips Lighting (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Effective: February 2016

Filip Shen

MSc Finance & Investments 2012

Previously senior account manager with Google, now international expansion consultant with the same firm (Dublin, Ireland).

Effective: April 2016

Jesse van Leth

MSc Management of Innovation 2015

Recently graduated and now technical evangelist with Microsoft (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Effective: September 2015

Timothy Prescott

MSc Business Administration 2007

Moves from the role of applied data scientist practice lead, Civis Analytics, Chicago, USA, and is now senior manager, IG&H Consulting (Utrecht, the Netherlands).

Effective: February 2016

Bastiaan Postma

MSc Finance & Investments 2005

Previously senior controller with Centraal Beheer Achmea (the Netherlands), now senior manager business control with the same organisation.

Effective: January 2016

Ralph de Groot

MSc Strategic Entrepreneurship 2015

Recently graduated and now co-founder of Restoranto (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

Effective: October 2015

Alvaro Hurtado

MSc Business Administration 2008

Moves from the position of FP&A manager Latin America with AIG in Colombia to become consumer strategy manager with Apple (Bogota, Colombia).

Effective: January 2016

Joan van Walbeek

Full-time MBA 1996

The former European sales & market development manager with IBM Global Business Services has taken up a position as managing director of Novagraaf (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

Effective: January 2016

Nils Scheller

Full-time MBA 2004

The former managing director of Computacenter AG & Co. oHG, has been appointed head of IT Infrastructure at RWE IT GmbH.

Effective: May 2016

Mike van Eerd

Executive MBA 2008

The client executive with Siemens @ Cisco, Germany, becomes global pursuit leader, EY (Munich, Germany).

Effective: January 2016

Dado Cukor

Parttime Master Bedrijfskunde 2009

The former manager sales branch of Technische Unie has been appointed managing director of Reflex Nederland (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).

Effective February 2016

Carlos Artal de Lara

Full-time MBA/MBI 1997

Formerly a partner with Gobertia, Spain, and now founder & CEO, tatchi (Madrid, Spain).

Effective: June 2015

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