We love our runners but we also need cheerleaders

A cool, sunny April morning was perfect for the Netherlands’ biggest one-day sporting event, the Rotterdam marathon. EUR made up the biggest team taking part; 423 students, 100 staff and faculty members, 22 alumni, plus 15 assorted family members and friends. They raised €30,000 for the Erasmus Education Fund, which helps to ensure the availability of scholarships for talented and motivated students from impoverished backgrounds.

RSM students and alumni showed huge enthusiasm and generosity; Claudio Corti (MSc Business Information Management 2016) organised a crowdfunding campaign, and RSM alumnus Jeffrey Colin (MScBA 2010) was named “Most Generous Runner”. But by all accounts, EUR alumnus Michiel Muller (pictured) made the biggest impression for his rallying cry to the whole university team immediately before they ran. Muller is a serial entrepreneur and investor, and chairman of Erasmus Trustfonds. Under his leadership, the Trustfonds has launched its Endowment Fund, aiming to collect €100 million in the next eight years.

We need more cheerleaders like Michiel Muller. Are there any RSM alumni out there who have similar passion and enthusiasm? We’re looking for you!

Looking for champion ambassadors

We’re seeking five active members of the alumni community to become champion kick-off members of the Ambassadors’ Committee to the new RSM Fund. They will become the entrepreneurial force behind the Fund when it transforms later this year into a form that can accept more diverse fundraising initiatives.

We’re not looking for career tigers, but our ambassadors need to be confident about asking their peers in the alumni community to give back to the school. Most of all we’re looking for enthusiasm for RSM and

Building an identity for the new RSM Fund and opening it up to more sources of funding means money can be used for more than just scholarships.

The fund will be used for business start-ups, for example to strengthen the Get Started programme at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship. This is for anyone in the RSM community with a great idea for starting their own business. There are plenty of other fundraising ideas on the table, from big ideas like endowment funding to smaller crowdfunding campaigns. Other possibilities include collaborations, which is why we’re also seeking organisations with which we can match-fund for mutual benefits.

If you think you could be one of our RSM Fund Ambassadors, then please send a single-page motivation letter – including a link to your online profile – to rsmfund@rsm.nl.

That’s a lot of asking for one page, but rest assured that we’re also working hard on developing the services we offer; those for alumni careers and alumni relationships. These projects are part of the run-up to 2020, when RSM celebrates its half-century. We’ll announce much more about it later in the year, and in the winter issue of RSM Outlook.

This article was first published in RSM Outlook summer 2016. You can download RSM Outlook here.

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