Movers and shakers in RSM Outlook winter 2016

Keep up to date with the professional advancements of RSM alumni as they develop their careers and move not only to new positions and companies, but also to different countries. If you’re an alumnus making a career move, contact us via

Marnix Statz

MSc Marketing Management 2011 & BSc BA 2010

Formerly product marketing manager with BMW Group Nederland. Now project manager sales innovations, BMW Group AG (Munich, Germany).

Effective: May 2016

Carlo Durando

Full-time MBA 2004

The former executive director at UBS Investment Bank (Italy) has taken up a position as equity partner, Equita SIM (Milan, Italy).

Effective: May 2016

Maria van der Heijden

MSc Business Administration 2000

Previously managing director, Women on Wings, now managing director, MVO Nederland (Utrecht, the Netherlands).

Effective: July 2016

Elise le Nobel

BSc Business Administration & MSc Human Resource Management 2009

Moves from the position of organisation specialist/consultant, House of Performance (Utrecht, the Netherlands), to take on the role of change manager, Philips (the Netherlands).

Effective: June 2016

Stephanie Christiansen

Full-time MBA 2007

Leaves role as account manager, Allstar Products Group Hawthorne (New York, USA), to take up the position of vice president of North American sales, International Innovation Company.

Effective: July 2016

Wouter Alders

MSc Strategic Management 2011

The former manager groupdesk and agent support, KLM (the Netherlands) becomes country manager Indonesia, Air France-KLM (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Effective: January 2016

Christiaan A. Vermeijden

Executive MBA 2007

Previously global director offshore geotechnical, Fugro N.V. (the Netherlands). Now CEO, Electro Magnetic Geoservices ASA, EMGS (Oslo, Norway).

Effective: February 2016

Richard Tessell

Full-time MBA 2011

Moves from the position of senior product manager, Philips Healthcare Informatics (USA) to become worldwide director of strategic marketing (Software Enabled Surgery), Johnson & Johnson (California, USA).

Effective: May 2016

Ana Comsa

MSc Marketing Management 2012

Previously senior research analyst, SKIM Group (the Netherlands). Now consumer insight Manager, The Kraft Heinz Company (London, UK).

Effective: July 2016

Marjolein Gerritsen

Full-time MBA 1993

Moves from the role of interim director customer & market, International Card Services, to become CCO/board member with the same company (Diemen, the Netherlands).

Effective: July 2016

Manuel Vasconcelos

MSc Finance & Investments 2008 & PhD in Finance 2012

The former associate with McKinsey & Co (Portugal) becomes manager, Cornerstone Research (London/NY/Lisbon).

Effective: September 2016

Heidi van Amerongen-Veenendaal

MSc Business Administration 2009

Moves from the role of lean black belt/senior product manager at Rabobank to take up a position as lean coach & trainer, 12Mprove (the Netherlands).

Effective: August 2016

Ayhan Siriner

MScBA Strategy & International Business 2001

Leaves position as regional marketing leader, Dow Coming (Belgium) to become general manager, Yaming Lighting (Dubai, UAE).

Effective: September 2016

Maria Marcos

Executive MBA 2009

Is promoted from the position of supply chain excellence leader, Clariant (Switzerland) to global key account manager with the same firm.

Effective: March 2016

These Movers and Shakers were first published in RSM Outlook winter 2016. 

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