Research project in Lesvos on "Crisis Management and Organizational Identity"

The European Refugee crisis is one of tremendous local, national and international impact. Since its beginning in 2015, it has shaped the lives of many and left a strong mark on matters of safety, security and international relations. In fact, considering the numbers of refugees still housed at and arriving in Lesvos, the crisis is all but over (FRA update, August 2017).

CESAM believes there are many important lessons to be learned from the experiences local, national and international partners have accrued in dealing with the Refugee Crisis to date, and that these lessons can and should be applied to similar crises - both current and future.

Accordingly, CESAM is currently launching a research project in Lesvos to investigate how partners at multiple levels of governance have cooperated and collaborated to face the situation on Lesvos. Focusing on key aspects of crisis management and organizational identity. CESAM intends to tackle the practical and theoretical challenges stakeholders face when they are thrust together to tackle crises situations.

The research for this project will be conducted by Mark van der Giessen, Christina Langenbusch, Prof.Dr. Gabriele Jacobs, Dr. Petra Saskia Bayerl and Prof.Dr. Joep Cornelissen.