Boost innovation output through human capital

Companies must continually develop new methods, ideas and products to succeed and survive. This requires innovation to be embedded into every function, department, team and employee therein. The latest issue of RSM Discovery magazine, published by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), ensures forward-looking executives are one step ahead of their competitors courtesy of the latest in management thinking.

The articles in this 34th issue explore how organisations can build on and maximise the innovation potential of their greatest asset – human capital.

Entrepreneurship and global perspectives

Dr Tina Davidson, assistant professor of cross-cultural management, explains how understanding the Chinese concept of guanxi can help business professionals improve supervisor-subordinate relationships, and what its effects can be on the employee voice.

In another article, Dr Giuseppe Criaco explores the geographical diversification strategies of ‘born global’ entrepreneurial ventures. The assistant professor of entrepreneurship says a small, young firm that expands too far and too fast is likely to run into difficulties.

A team sport

Dr Dirk Deichmann shares why innovation should be considered as a team sport. And Dr Lisanne van Bunderen reveals her findings on intra-team power struggles and how to avoid them.

Also highlighted is research about crowdsourced consumer data and how to make sure it’s good to understand consumer behaviour by Dr Gabriele Paolacci.

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More information

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