Nominees announced for Erasmus Innovation Award 2014

Nominees for the Erasmus Innovation Award 2014 have been announced by INSCOPE, a joint initiative of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University, TNO and University of Amsterdam. INSCOPE is a dedicated research institute to study innovation and has been running the Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor among businesses in the Netherlands since 2006.

INSCOPE’s nominees are:

  • Incotec Group
  • Nunhems BV
  • Triple IT
  • YoungCapital

”Not only do the nominated companies invest in new technologies, they also have a passion for innovation, provide opportunities to share knowledge within and between departments, give the human factor a key role in their organisation, and they work together with a range of external parties,” says Professor Henk Volberda, Professor of Strategic Management & Business Policy at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), and leader of the annual research.

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, Maarten Camps, will present the Erasmus Innovation Award 2014 on 18 November 2014 during a one-day conference, the Dag Van De Sociale Innovatie (Day of Social Innovation) to be held at several locations across the Netherlands.


INCOTEC improves the quality of agricultural, vegetable and flower seeds. The company is not a grower or seed producer itself, but instead offers ways to improve the added value of seeds for growers and seed producers. The company rests on two pillars: innovation and internationalisation; for example INCOTEC collaborated with the University of Wageningen to find a way to avoid spraying pesticides on rice fields in Southeast Asia. The company also set up a franchise for horticulture in Brazil. INCOTEC invests intensively in technological innovation (9 to 10 per cent of turnover according to company figures) and is also active in non-technological innovation. The company works with a range of external partners including universities in the Netherlands and internationally. Its senior management team and supervisory board are among the measures and structures that safeguard the company’s balance between its bottom line and entrepreneurship.


Nunhems BV develops and produces a range of seeds for vegetable crops. The company focuses on greenhouse crops such as tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers and melons. Nunhems bred a tomato that holds onto its juices even when sliced, and the company develops tomato plants with genes that increase the yield from their seeds. The company also bred a melon that changes from green to golden yellow in the last day and a half of ripening. The company invests in cultivation programmes and has multidisciplinary ‘strategic crop teams’ in which staff from its departments to track the needs of the market. Under the motto ‘you can’t do everything yourself’, Nunhems collaborates with universities and businesses in Belgium, Germany, and the United States.

Triple IT

Triple IT offers develops internet and mobile products that combine content, media and technology. Its activities can be subdivided into hosting such as the infrastructure required to manage large volumes of online content, development of applications, and concept and creation of products including a compact application called ‘mobile viewpoint’ that allows people all over the planet to send real-time videos without using satellites, for example by international journalists in remote and difficult geographical situations. The company rests on the pillars of innovation, implementation and culture, and focuses on emergent internet and mobile technologies. Triple IT distinguishes itself with initiatives that promote internal collaboration and communication, with enjoyment as an important element.. The organisation’s top management focuses on inspiration, creating confidence and an open working environment rather than control, financial reward or highlighting mistakes.


YoungCapital’s aim is to put young and highly educated workers in touch with employers. Initially the company did this under the ‘StudentWork’ label, but the company is now also operating the ‘StudentJob’ and ‘YoungCapital Professionals’ labels. Characteristically, the organisation uses modern technologies used by many young people; contacting up-and-coming professionals via the internet and e-recruitment. Together with its clients, the company also develops new ways of recruiting staff using techniques such as role-playing or interactive testing. The company bases its operations on the idea that young and mature employees can learn from each other, in other words ‘renewal through rejuvenation’. YoungCapital has also set up its own ‘university’ to offer employees learning and development from different working positions within the organisation.

The jury for choosing the winner of the Erasmus Innovation Award 2014 comprises:

  • Mariëtte Hamer, Chairman of the Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands
  • Theo Koster, Director of NEVAT
  • Bertholt Leeftink, Director-General of Enterprise and Innovation in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Frans Van Den Bosch, Professor of Management Interfaces between Organisations and Environment at RSM
  • Glenn Van Der Burg, People-Expert at MVO Nederland
  • Henk Volberda, Professor of Strategic Management & Corporate Policy at RSM

See here for more information about the Day of Social Innovation (or click here for a Google-translated version of the web page). 

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