Communication specialists explore investor relations at RSM

Professionals in media relations, public affairs and internal communication are challenged regularly to communicate about financial matters such as board remuneration, consequences of hostile take-overs, and bail-out arrangements with governments. These topics often evoke either anger or fear among the stakeholder groups organisations have to communicate with. A three-day programme about investor relations at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) helps to understand the context in which these financial topics develop over time, creating more successful spokespersons, public affairs or internal communication specialists.

Organised by RSM’s reputable Corporate Communication Centre, the three-day Investor Relations course is specifically developed for communication specialists who have no background in finance but need to understand the basics of how financial markets work.

Lectures by experts will cover the fundamentals of financial reporting, clarify the core components of financial statements, and address the importance of financial value concepts. Learning objectives for participants include:

  • Obtaining a basic understanding of financial reporting language and current developments in investor relations – the fundamentals of financial markets;
  • Recognising the interaction between financial issues and corporate communication: understand how this interaction affects: corporate branding, storytelling, media relations, public affairs, social media and internal communications;
  • Recognising key players and regulators in financial markets and how they interact with each other – the rules of the game;
  • Becoming familiar with some of the ‘hot topics’ in financial markets and reporting, such as tax avoidance, corruption, regulatory compliance and integrated reporting developments.


Financial markets

After the Investor Relations programme, participants will understand how organisations interact with financial markets, which has proven to be an essential success factor for corporate communication professionals. There is a great variety of financial market participants, rule makers and gatekeepers, and they interact with each other in a complex framework of legislation, reporting rules and communication tools. Cases will show that companies have to stay alert to the many changes in financial communication requirements. After completing this course, participants will be able to deliver quality and value by being able to integrate corporate communication in all stakeholder financial relations.

More info can be found here. Investor Relations is a module of RSM’s Part-time Executive International Master of Science in Corporate Communication.

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