SDG Challenge!

The challenge

On 27 September, the 193 states of the United Nations agreed upon 17 ‘Global Goals for sustainable development’ (SDGs) ( ). They are intended to bring the best out of representatives of civil society, firms, research institutes and governments.  The KPN SDG challenge invites students, entrepreneurs and others to come up with an ‘entrepreneurial solution’ to any one of these Global Goals. That can be anything: an idea, a poster, a prototype, a partnership, a song, an existing initiative (but now applied to the new SDGs) or something completely out-of-the-box. This approach does not have to be linked to the business of KPN. It can be anything. Big or small. Short-term, long-term.

The Max Havelaar lecture of 28 October this year at Erasmus University ( will provide a podium for the presentation of these ideas. The Max Havelaar lecture always gathers opinion leaders, organisations and young leaders around the issue of the year. This year that will be the SDGs (the dawn of a new era?). For the best ideas there will be room for 2-minute pitches, for some of the other ideas (that might turn out to be even better...) the side-event organized around the Max Havelaar lecture will give you room to present your idea in the form of a poster or otherwise.

How to participate:

Your idea should be described in a short 2-pager, which can contain an illustration, flowchart or anything else. The idea described in the proposal has to be:

  • Explicitly linked to one (or more) of the 17 global goals
  • Concisely explain whether this is an entrepreneurial solution, and thus can be financially sustainable in the longer run
  • Which partnership(s) are needed to make this idea work
  • Preferably specify already how you would like to pitch this idea during the Max Havelaar lecture
  • Include the name(s) of your team, the email addresses and the telephone number of your contact person (is also the pitcher)
  • Subscribe to the Max Havelaar lecture:

Do this before October 20, 12.00 pm. A jury of specialists in the area will then consider the submissions and decide who will be legible for the pitch in the main conference room and who will be asked to present the idea at the side-event. The price for the winner is 500 euros. For those participants that will be elected for presentations, we will have a nice reminder.

  • Please submit your idea to:
  • If you are a bachelor student and would like to have support by a master student, contact:
Partnerships Resource Centre