Saskia Stuiveling (IM 1945 - 2017)

Saskia Stuiveling (IM 1945 - 2017)

President, Netherlands Court of Audit 

Alumnus, recipient RSM Distinguished Alumni Award 2010 

Saskia Stuiveling was the president of the Netherlands Court of Audit since 1999. She also held several volunteer functions, mainly in the field of refugee care and development co-operation, and art and culture.

Before joining the central government, she worked as a personal assistant to the mayor of the city of Rotterdam. She was member of the Dutch senate, as a State Secretary for the Interior from 1981 until 1982, and worked for the Lower House of the Netherlands. She became a member of the Court of Audit in 1984.

Saskia was born in Hilversum in 1945. She studied law and has a degree in Business Administration from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. She received the RSM Distinguished Alumni Award in 2010.