Advisory Board

Advisory Board

Introducing our Advisory Board

RSM's Advisory Board is a highly-valued group of 37 distinguished former and active leaders from business and the public sector, who reflect the international diversity of the school. They are all passionate about management education and are invaluable source of ideas, knowledge and advice for the School.

They advise RSM on three different levels; so that our educational programmes serve the needs of business, so that our research makes an impact on business practices, and so that our management benefits from this source of ideas, knowledge and advice, to the benefit of the School's corporate partners, students and alumni.

The Advisory Board is divided into two groups; active members and Honorary Advisors to the Dean.

Honorary Advisors have already actively contributed to RSM's successes, for example by participating in the RSM Advisory Board. They have expressed their intention to stay connected to RSM and therefore remain closely linked to the School. Honorary Advisors to the Dean include Doug Baillie, Gert van Essen, Peter Gerber, Peter Hartman, Niek Hoek, Ruth Markland, Maria Molenaar, Godefroy Motte, Kimberly Ross, Helmut Rupsch, Feike Sijbesma, Jennifer Stewart, Tom de Swaan and Jacqueline Tammenoms Bakker.