Herman Dijkhuizen

Herman Dijkhuizen

Chief Financial Officer, NIBC Bank

Herman Dijkhuizen has been CFO at NIBC Bank N.V. since 2013. He also serves as vice chairman of the Board of Trustees of Stichting VU-VUmc, and chair of the Audit and Housing Committee and member of the Supervisory Board of UNICEF the Netherlands.

Herman joined KPMG in 1979. During his first years at KPMG, he also studied at the Royal Dutch Institute of Chartered Accountants (NIVRA), from which he graduated in 1987. In 1990 and 1991, Herman contributed to the start-up of the Czech Republic’s practice. From 1992 to 1996, he operated as an expatriate partner in Germany, where he was responsible for Dutch KPMG clients. Back in the Netherlands, he served many clients, especially in the financial and publishing sector. Leading a number of large international assignments brought him to the USA regularly. He was also responsible for learning and development and several KPMG business units, including Business Advisory Services and Financial Services.

In 2006, Herman joined the Board of Management of KPMG in the Netherlands. He became the organisation’s vice-chairman in 2007 and then chairman in 2008. He was also a member of KPMGs Global Executive Team, Global Board, EMA Board and ELLP Board.