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Executive Education

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Job position

The RSM Dean of Executive Education (DEE) leads the Executive Education activities of the Rotterdam School of Management, which are organised in the RSM B.V, the privately funded unit of Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus University. This unit includes both the post-experience degree programmes (e.g., MBA and EMBA programmes), as well as the non-degree programmes (e.g., open-enrolment and customised programmes).  With a large number of staff and a well-developed programme portfolio, the RSM B.V. has seen significant growth in recent years, in particular in terms of its degree programmes. Nevertheless, there is significant scope for future development. An important aspect for the future viability of the RSM EE activities relates to internationalization and digital transformation. Furthermore, it is the ambition of RSM that its executive education activities are consistent with, and make a contribution to, its mission to be a “force for positive change”.

Aim of the job

The DEE holds overall responsibility for the development of the executive education portfolio and its component degree and non-degree programmes, the marketing, sales and delivery of these programmes, their quality and reputation, and their contribution to RSM. The DEE brings strategic leadership to the development and management of RSM’s executive education activities in line with the mission and objectives of RSM, and serves as a linking pin between the Faculty (the public part of RSM) and the RSM B.V.

S/he will bring a sound understanding of the international market for post-experience programmes in management and adjacent areas to the job. An ability to build strong relationships with multiple internal and external stakeholders is crucial for success in this role. With these abilities, the DEE will be able to effect and oversee a significant expansion of the executive education activities of RSM over the next few years.

The RSM Dean of Executive Education:

  1. Is appointed for a period of four (4) years by the RSM B.V. Supervisory Board (RSM B.V. Commissarissen). The appointment can be extended, based on a positive evaluation of their performance over the preceding period. The Dean of RSM will conduct the evaluation, and make a recommendation regarding (re-)appointment to the RSM B.V. Supervisory Board.
  2. Reports to the Board of the B.V. and Dean of RSM, who will hold annual performance review meetings.
  3. Cooperates closely with the Dean of Education who, in addition to their responsibility as overall leader of the pre-experience degree programmes of RSM, also is responsible for quality assurance and accreditation across the institution. The DEE thus ensures that quality standards and requirements that relate to executive education activities are being implemented in the programmes offered by RSM B.V..
  4. Will hold a position as a senior tenured faculty member of RSM. S/he will be a member of a Department that best fits his/her disciplinary background. The role is expected to account for 80-100% of the DEE’s time while s/he is in post. Upon completing the role, the DEE will retain the general tenured faculty position within RSM.
  5. Carries a moderate teaching load, which s/he will deliver in the post-experience programmes offered by RSM B.V. (i.e., not in the pre-experience degree programmes offered by RSM Faculty). Teaching above the required load will be compensated in accordance with the rules and regulations for off-load teaching at RSM.
  6. Is responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the strategy regarding executive education at RSM, as well as the budget associated with these activities.
  7. Is responsible for the development of the portfolio of RSM’s executive education programmes and works together with the department chairs to enhance the delivery capacity and capability of RSM’s faculty members to jointly maintain and improve the reputation, quality, distinctiveness, and influence of these programs.
  8. Oversees the marketing and sales of executive education programmes in line with agreed-upon objectives.
  9. Will serve as spokesperson and advocate for RSM executive education towards internal and external constituencies as required, both within Erasmus University and beyond.
  10. Is a ‘linking pin’ connecting three levels of governance in the School, by acting as: i. Member of the RSM Executive Board; and ii. Statutory Director (“Statutair Directeur”) of RSM B.V..

Ad i: Member of the RSM Executive Board

The DEE is a key contributor to the overall strategic direction and management of RSM. In this role the DEE will actively engage with the other members of the RSM EB to co-create and implement the School’s strategy to improve its position in the market for privately-funded educational offerings. As a member of the EB, the DEE takes responsibility for embedding the RSM Executive Education in School-wide policies and procedures.

Teaching Fees and Incentives

The DEE sets the teaching fees associated with EE activities, in close cooperation with the Dean of RSM and the other member of the EB, and in a manner that is consistent with the overall policies concerning teaching fees and incentives of the School, with EUR rules and regulations, and with Dutch Law.

Market Positioning & Portfolio

The DEE is responsible for the formulation and implementation of RSM’s executive education strategy, the positioning of RSM in the national and international executive education market, and the strategic marketing plan for post-experience degree programmes, open-enrolment and customised programmes. S/he will lead the digital transformation of RSM’s EE activities, and pursue the continued internationalization of the programme portfolio. The DEE ensures that the EE programmes are fully in line with RSM’s and EUR mission, vision and strategy, and that they add to the reputation of the institution.

In developing the programme portfolio, the DEE liaises and cooperates with other parts (e.g., Schools, Institutes) of Erasmus University in order to ensure the development of a collaborative and interdisciplinary programme offering and avoid unnecessary competition with EUR.

The DEE is responsible for the implementation of relevant quality and learning assurance standards and requirements. The DEE cooperates with the Dean of Education in order to ensure that these standards are adequately applied in the context of executive education programmes.

The DEE works together with RSM’s policy advisor with regard to the rankings processes in the relevant media outlets (e.g., FT, Economist, etc.) and takes adequate actions to optimize the RSM position in these rankings.

The DEE ensures that adequate feedback, follow-up, and impact evaluations are conducted with programme participants and corporate clients after the completion of each programme or module, in order to assess not only the quality but also the value-added of every programme and courses delivered under the RSM EE banner. The DEE works closely with Career Services and Alumni Relations in order to ensure the development of the RSM alumni community, and facilitate cross and repeat selling activities.

The DEE ensures organisational learning in the EE organisation, organises periodic “post-mortem” conferences to learn from lost calls for proposals and terminated client relationships, and ensures the adequate codification of best practices.

Faculty Development and Capacity Building

The DEE bears a primary responsibility for the development and maintenance of a School-wide talent base for EE. This includes explicit collaboration with the academic departments, to involve, mobilize and train faculty members for becoming involved in executive education as teachers, academic programme leaders, and in other ways. The DEE performs this responsibility in collaboration with the Dean of Faculty.

The DEE is closely involved in the appointment of academic programme directors for the post-experience degree programmes. The academic programme directors will come from within the Faculty of RSM. The DEE writes role descriptions / job profiles for these positions, invites applications through calls for expression of interests, and takes the lead in managing the appointment process.

The DEE provides input into the annual evaluation of Faculty members who are involved in executive education.

Ad ii: Statutory Director (“Statutair Directeur”) of RSM B.V.

The DEE has the following responsibilities towards RSM B.V.:

  1. Joint leadership (together with the Director of Operations) of the RSM B.V., both of whom are members of the RSM B.V. Executive Board.
  2. Ensuring the quality of the academic content and the value added in the eyes of clients of the Executive Education programs delivered by RSM B.V..
  3. Ensuring the development and maintenance of productive, responsive, and mutually respectful relationships between RSM B.V. staff and RSM faculty members.
  4. Ensure that all executive education activities (e.g., recruiting participants, marketing programmes, managing corporate accounts, course delivery, and engaging with faculty) are conducted in a world-class manner.
  5. Recruit, retain, and develop a top-quality, high-performance, diverse, and engaged executive education staff team. Of specific importance is the development and maintenance of a good esprit de corps and of excellent collegial attitudes and behaviours amongst the team members. The day-to-day management of the executive education staff team is the primary responsibility of the DEE. 
  6. Co-responsible for the annual financial results of RSM B.V..
  7. Co-responsible for the future recruitment and appointment of Director(s) in the EE Division of RSM B.V..


  • University education at an advanced level, preferably a PhD


  1. Is a dynamic leader, equipped with the necessary collaborative and entrepreneurial skills required to inspire RSM faculty and RSM B.V. staff and to stimulate the growth and flourishing of RSM’s executive education function.
  2. Corporate / strategy business consulting experience is highly desirable.
  3. Has a proven track record of working with other faculty members to create and deliver executive-focused programs and of acquiring new business in executive education.
  4. Has an entrepreneurial mindset and the business acumen required to drive the growth of RSM EE.
  5. Has a good understanding of and commitment to quality assurance in higher education.
  6. Is a person of high standing and esteem, who is able to speak as an equal partner to all of RSM’s senior faculty and who can mobilize and motivating faculty members to partake in RSM’s EE activities.
  7. Has a credible track record as a business researcher, to make good on RSM’s promise of making the core of its executive education offerings evidence- and research-based.
  8. Has a credible track record as a business educator, to make good on RSM’s promise of ensuring that all of its executive education offerings are buttressed by a sound pedagogical vision and supported by the latest educational principles and technologies.
  9. Has administrative experience in a (business) school in which the development and commercialization of revenue-generating programs and other ‘valorization’ initiatives is a key element of the business model.
  10. Has the social and people skills to build strong and productive internal and external relationships within a demanding multi-constituency environment.
  11. Exhibits excellent communication skills, is able to communicate effectively with both academic faculty, professional services, participants and corporate clients.
  12. Is fluent in both English and Dutch, or is willing to acquire a working level of Dutch within a reasonable period of time.
  13. Has experience with budget responsibility.
  14. Has a sound understanding of the role of technology and digitalization in education.


Leadership, analytic capacity, entrepreneurship, vision, market orientation, networking.


This is a fulltime position and the appointment will be for a period of four (4) years, with option of extension. Salary will depend on ranking and will be based on education and relevant experience. The RSM has excellent secondary benefits with amongst others a fully paid pension by the RSM.


To apply for this position, please send your CV and motivation letter (in English) to Gareth Duxbury, Principal Consultant at Society Search via Nicole Arnold: For further information on the position, please visit Society’s website here.

Closing date for applications: 6th March 2020


As part of our recruitment procedure, applicants may be expected to fill in the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment Questionnaire. For more information on PI, please visit their website.

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University is an equal opportunity employer and explicitly encourages applications from candidates of all genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

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