Dr. Hans Quak

Dr. Hans Quak

MSc in Supply Chain Management, 2002 and PhD at RSM

Alumni achievement award nominee

Innovating to make more sustainable urban freight transport happen

In Hans’ work as a senior scientist at TNO, he focuses on logistics in urban areas and on making city centres and urban transport more sustainable. He is also a lector at Breda University of Applied Sciences, where he sets up and co-ordinates research in smart cities and logistics with students and researchers. 

At TNO, he advises city authorities on how to implement environmental zones and innovative transport solutions, and on measures to reduce congestion, pollution, and nuisance for city inhabitants.

“Hans is one of the main national authorities in sustainable urban transport,” says nominator Prof. René de Koster, who supervised Hans in his RSM PhD trajectory. Parts of what Hans tested and developed for TNO’s research and innovation projects contributed to setting ambitions for zero-emission city logistics in the Dutch climate agreement.

Hans provides facts, figures, examplesthe and proofs of concepts, and supports frontrunners in logistics and operations in their efforts to find sustainable business cases to meet these ambitious governmental regulations. He says the emphasis is on changing mindsets in the relatively conservative transport and logistics market.

“I want to make innovations towards more sustainable urban freight transport happen in real life,” Hans says. He shares his experiences with RSM students in alumni panels, as jury member for the SCM thesis award, and through research projects such as CILOLAB and SOLiD.

“I work in a technical environment. The way of thinking about innovation, change and transitions I learned at RSM are much broader than only product development, which really helps in getting the right people and organisations involved.”