Jara Pascual

Jara Pascual

Executive MBA, 2017

Alumni achievement award nominee

Bringing ideas and knowledge to life by connecting innovation ecosystems

Jara is a successful entrepreneur, author, and women-empowerment activist. She focuses on optimising the impact and exploitation of knowledge and ideas to bring innovation to life. By founding online community Knowco by collabwith, Jara helps businesses connect with experts and academics to tackle innovation challenges and create consortiums. The platform also hosts podcasts and an online magazine.

“I want to help professionals to understand how they can start collaborations with easy-to-use frameworks, and gain emotional intelligence skills to work together cross-culture, cross-personality, and cross-industry.”

Jara is a board member in the Forum Knowledge for Innovation in the European Parliament, which brings together policymakers and stakeholders in debates about the future of innovation and frameworks for support mechanisms in Europe.

She’s also writing a book called Innovation & Collaboration in the Digital Era, in which she talks about the importance of connecting innovation ecosystems globally, and how working together is the key to positive impact. Through RSM’s MentorWe initiative, Jara also supports female business students and alumni.

“It was a huge discovery to learn how much women still need to support and mentor other women. The path to equality is still only in the early stages of its journey. RSM gave me the opportunity to empower other women.”

Nominator and former classmate Elena Avramenko said Jara helped her overcome difficulties in being a solo entrepreneur. “Jara is a very honest and kind person, you rarely meet this combination in the business world. She is truly inspiring and brilliant.”