Rajarshi Chakraboty

Rajarshi Chakraboty

MSc in Business Information Management, 2018

Alumni achievement award nominee

Increasing technological and economic growth through collaborations

Combining his leadership experience and affinity with technology, Raj co-founded the Erasmus Tech Community (ETC) in 2017 with his friend Jonathan Pfaffenrot. 

“I want to open student’s eyes to the endless opportunities that the world offers. But to shape the future, we need to understand it first,” says Raj. The platform brings together 3,000 students, professionals and industry-leading thinkers to learn, interact, and co-create the future. By building and empowering the tight-knit technology community, Raj helps to shape a positive mindset and entrepreneurial attitude among future leaders. ETC organises lectures and workshops, and helps companies solve real business problems by connecting them to bright young talent.

As an innovation manager at Erasmus University, Raj shapes and fosters the innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial spirit through various projects. For example, the initiative ‘Engage’ is an environment where ideas are created – and supported through consulting, funding and networks – to become a reality.

Raj’s work at ETC and EUR contributes to increased technological and economic growth, higher rates of societal production, quicker adoption of technological change, and the development of innovation and creativity. “Raj is analytical, well-articulated, and purpose-driven. Since I joined the ETC community as president, Raj has acted as a mentor and has inspired me to become a better leader,” says nominator and RSM alumnus Kevin George Bojan.

Raj: “In times of rapid change, we should be training people to be curious, creative and resilient. I aim to continue contributing to the development of attitude among my peers. This is just the beginning.”