Ramona Sandu

Ramona Sandu

Executive MBA, 2016

Alumni volunteer award nominee

Exchanging knowledge by coaching and leading from the heart

A one-year sabbatical after her EMBA “was a freeing experience that made me a better coach and leader,” says Ramona. By downscaling her life – and not being attached to money, position or status – she learned how to be comfortable with herself.

She stuck to her purpose of leading from the heart. Ramona co-created the company she wants to work for by developing the company culture and a dynamic leadership team at Twill.

She’s also a mentor to RSM students. Mentoring gives Ramona ‘immense joy’ and she says young business leaders can benefit from others sharing their vulnerabilities and strengths. “When you remove the external metrics of success, you are only left with internal successes and the things that really determine who you are. This also shapes your ability to deal with change.”

Ramona says a relationship might start out with her sharing knowledge, but with time and as the mentee grows and develops in their career, they share things with her too. “I’m a big believer that we never walk alone. I’m learning new things myself and that is what good coaching is all about.” 

Ramona wants to share her discoveries and persistence – in business and from personal perspectives. “Thanks to my experiences in RSM’s electives and coaching, I was able to guide our CEO with honesty and openness. I want to pay this forward,” she says.

Nominator and former mentee Madina Madeyeva said she was amazed at how Ramona incorporates her high work ethic and continuous learning into areas beyond HR, by “being together with people throughout all the ups and downs, and keeping a positive and optimistic mindset.”