Ruben Schultz

Ruben Schultz

MSc in International Management/CEMS, 2016

Alumni achievement award nominee

Disrupting the transportation industry and improving mobility

Ruben Schultz co-founded mobility platform Swoop in Los Angeles, which is disrupting the transportation industry and contributes to a more sustainable way to travel. The transportation marketplace supports small- and medium-sized bus and transportation agencies to find customers. Additionally, organisations can find vehicles to use to travel with multiple people.

His entrepreneurship experience started in Silicon Valley when he helped grow Facebook beta product Workplace from the ground up, which involved work across all functions – from engineering to marketing.

By building a hyper-growth mobility start-up, Ruben is changing the way groups travel. His business reduces the need for buying new assets by increasing the utilization of organisations’ existing vehicles. Other benefits include decongesting traffic, by having people travel together. Ruben also created CO2 buy-back schemes so Swoop can be 100 per cent carbon neutral. By successfully fundraising venture capital funding from Silicon Valley investors and pre-seed funding, Swoop can grow rapidly.

Ruben says: "RSM taught me that it is our generation's responsibility to solve difficult problems. One is undeniably mobility. My journey has only just started, and I’m determined to keep working on it. We’re creating exciting jobs for a new generation that is tackling the broken industry of group transportation."