Stephanie Platschorre

Stephanie Platschorre

MSc in Global Business & Sustainability, 2019

Alumni achievement award nominee

Initiating and developing opportunities that boosts society

Both in business and in her private life, Stephanie Platschorre is dedicated to improving the environment and society. In her work as consultant sustainability and circular economy at KPMG, she helps companies to become more sustainable.

When her father was diagnosed with ALS in 2017, she organised a fundraising event and other initiatives which raised more than €30,000 for ALS Foundation Netherlands towards research to find a cure for the fatal disease.

Stephanie’s resilience in a time of setbacks shows that she can turn negative events into something that make people stronger. She shares those lessons with others to empower them when they face challenges too. She’s a volunteer committee member of the social service action programme at the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development, which gives young people the opportunity to contribute to society and develop themselves at the same time.

This drive was also apparent during her studies at RSM, when Stephanie was a board member of Enactus, a community of students, academics and business leaders who use entrepreneurship to transform lives and shape a more sustainable world. She was also a member of the workgroup principles for responsible management education (PRME) at Erasmus University, and graduated from RSM cum laude.

Nominator and fellow alumna Marlous Albers says: “Stephanie works really hard to make this world a better place. She is a true leader, and I really admire her for her accomplishments.”