Bjorn Dudok van Heel

Bjorn Dudok van Heel

Since 2006 Mr. van Heel has, with Peduli Anak Co-Founder Chaim Fetter, focused on providing safe housing, health care, education and a happy future for some of the world’s poorest children – those in Lombok, Indonesia – through Peduli Anak. The Peduli Anak vision statement:
"Our vision is to give every child in the world the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life free of poverty, exploitation and violence."

Through his work in incubating and managing greenfield businesses and SME enterprises in Indonesia and other developing countries, Mr. van Heel is helping to ensure that there is a more prosperous and secure future for these children once they are grown, too.

He was already busy working with Peduli Anak during his Full-Time International MBA programme, and was a finalist in the Independent Student of the Year Awards in 2007. At that time he told the Independent:  "The combination of business and development work will become the new trend in the 21st century. Every person has to contribute not only to nature as a whole, but also to the ones for whom prosperity is only an abstract term."

Of note: The Independent Student of the Year finalist (2007). Made Peduli Anak Foundation the focus of charitable contributions from RSM MBA programmes each year. 

Currently: Vice President Richard Chandler Corporation.  Studying for Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) certification.

Media: See how Peduli Anak has brought hope to Indonesia’s poorest children.

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