Clarissa Slingerland

Clarissa Slingerland

Clarissa Slingerland has been described as a ‘born entrepreneur’ with a sixth sense for Media, PR and brand-building. She launched Miss Publicity Marketing & PR, her lifestyle-focused firm, out of her living room shortly before her official graduation from RSM in 2003, and by 2004 her audacious approach to marketing had put her on the radar of the Dutch press, including Veronica Magazine.  

She got literally ‘under the skin’ of the international press by introducing a truly novel idea at Rotterdam’s Baja Beach Club in late 2004: the VIP chip. Implanted under the skin of the Club’s premiere guests, this RFID chip allowed them to pay without having to deal with credit or pin cards, let alone cash.

Since then she has created events and other ‘happenings’ for such brands as Chivas, Ben & Jerry, Lelli Kelli, UGGS and Fiorelli. Her work with MotherShip, a consortium of artists, and for events like The Day of Romantic Music has put Miss Publicity (and more importantly her clients) high in the public eye. And her fleet of vehicles – autos, Vespa scooters and even sail boats – have marked the Dutch (and particularly the Rotterdam) landscape with a signature vibrant magenta: PMS 218.

Of note:  Miss Publicity is headquartered in Rotterdam, instead of the more-expected location of Amsterdam, in the iconic Hulstkamp Building. Everyone is a ‘Miss’ at Miss Publicity: it’s all about girl power. Came back to RSM in 2007 to speak at the STAR Entrepreneurial Seminar. 

Currently: Setting up shop in Belgium, with an eye to expanding into NYC.

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