Elizabeth van Geerestein

Elizabeth van Geerestein

Elizabeth van Geerestein is the Founder and CEO of Amsterdam-based Papillon & Partners, a global coaching and consulting firm with FTSE 1000 clients. She’s been named the Black Business Woman of the Year (2006) by the European Federation of Black Women Business Owners & Professionals. As Adjunct Professor of Leadership Development for RSM, she is the driver of Personal Leadership Development for the prestigious OneMBA programme, and her past experience includes Senior Management positions within KPMG and Atos. Oh, and the UK-born Elizabeth is also a mother.

A full and fulfilling life depends upon knowing yourself, your desires, and your capacity to envision and create your preferred future, she says. “So often what we think is wrong with us is what is really right with us…each one of us has an environment in which we can ideally flourish. When we are not living our lives in alignment with our core values, purpose and passions, we can become frustrated, de-motivated, depressed, close to burn out, or worse. For many people, money alone is not enough. A sense of purpose, making a difference, adding value to society, healthy relationships, having fun and fulfillment as well as work-life balance, are all strong motivators. What do you really want to do with your life? What does your inspired life look like? What gives you the most joy and fulfillment in your life? What are your core strengths and talents? What are your greatest passions? The key to living an inspired life is applying your strengths and talents to the things you are most passionate about.”

Of note:   Driven to succeed. Got Papillon & Partners running in her ‘extra time’ while still working 80% at Atos, finalised during her maternity leave with her third child.

Currently: International speaking engagements, CEO Papillon & Partners, Adjunct Professor RSM, unlocking the authentic leadership style of the senior management who are part of the OneMBA programme.

Media: See Elizabeth van Geerestein at some of her many speaking engagements.