Patrick Kalverboer

Patrick Kalverboer


Programme: Bedrijfswetenschappen doctoraal, 1997 (and LLM Tax Law at Erasmus)
Currently: managing partner at H2 Equity Partners as well as fulfilling various non-executive board positions
Nominated by: Linda de Vries, head International Office

Patrick Kalverboer’s role in growing companies and infusing students with his knowledge stems from his time at RSM. After joining H2 Equity Partners in 1996, he is now managing partner at the company, as well as a non-executive chairman and/or board member at various H2 portfolio companies. He has more than 17 years’ experience in restructuring and improving companies. He is involved in all aspects of making turnaround-and-growth investments and has led several successful turnarounds as a CEO. Patrick leads H2's London office, but continues to play an active role in the Benelux operations of the company as well.

RSM’s exchange programme at UCLA made a big impact on Patrick during his studies, not only because he was forced to take care of himself in a foreign country. The general mindset of his American classmates was a huge eye opener to him. “In Rotterdam my fellow students wanted to work for big multinational organisations through entering graduate in-company training programmes,” he explains. “But in Los Angeles people wanted to start their own business. They aimed high. That mindset I have taken on board – in my own way.”

“Combine leadership with kindness”

Citing football player Johan Cruijff – ‘If you don't shoot you can’t score a goal’ – Patrick says life is about taking calculated risks. “Without taking risk there is no upside,” he says. “I’ve taken lots of risks from the start of my career to get to where I am now.” After joining a very small firm, Patrick was instrumental in developing H2 into a leading and differentiated hands-on private equity firm consistently generating top quartile returns. After becoming a managing partner in 2009 he moved to the UK with his family in 2010 to set up the UK arm of his private equity firm on his own from scratch, leaving behind a successful track record and safe position in the Netherlands to effectively start all over again. “This was probably the best professional choice I’ve made,” he says. “We now have a full team in place based in London and have transformed H2 from a Benelux focused firm to a wider North Western European hands-on private equity firm. We have made several investments in the UK and are investing about as much capital in the UK as in the Benelux annually.”

Patrick defines success as being able to make your own choices, both privately as well as in business, with minimal restrictions. He adds that this doesn’t mean you have to be rude to be successful. “Too many people seem to confuse success or making a career with having to try to win at the expense of others,” he says. “But I think generosity & kindness can easily be combined with strong leadership.”

In addition to his many accomplishments, Patrick’s willingness to give back to the institution that stood at the basis of his career is outstanding. As he wants to give RSM students the same international experience that led to his success, he supports RSM students who want to study abroad. Patrick also gives back by providing guest lectures at RSM.