Reinier Willems

Reinier Willems


Programme: MBA, 2000
Currently: marketing director of LeasePlan International
Nominated by: Stefano Puntoni, Associate Professor of marketing

As the marketing director of Dutch multinational LeasePlan International, Reinier Willems aims to increase the professionalisation of B2B marketing and works hard to share best practice and create a network of professionals through his blog, guest lectures and by organising events. “Reinier is the best advocate for B2B marketing that I have ever met,” says his nominator Stefano Puntoni. “His work at LeasePlan is particularly impressive. Reinier has been instrumental in leading an effort to improve the coherence and effectiveness of the LeasePlan branding activities globally.”

Reinier says RSM “has set me up quite nicely for the international environments I have been working in since my graduation”, adding that “as a marketeer, getting more familiar with other business disciplines has proven to quite valuable.” Reinier says that even though he didn’t expect to need it, the course Financial Institutions Management helped him to structure communications around the government support of LeasePlan as a bank during the credit crisis. He also says that his studies at RSM prepared him for increasing data-driven marketing approach, and that the business valuation course helped him to find ways to value a proposition, or express the value of a customer.

To get the most out of life, Reinier says you have try new things, be creative, and enjoy the process of realising objectives. “Success is about the ability to use your talents, creativity and energy in reaching personal and professional objectives,” he says, adding that he is inspired by a wide variety of people with original views and remarkable achievements.

Linked to his work in business-to-business marketing, Reinier likes quoting Warren Buffett: ‘Price is what you pay, value is what you get’. Reinier says that in business marketing there still is “a big opportunity to differentiate by a sharper definition and expression of the actual value clients obtain from the products and services businesses offer.”

In addition to his busy role at LeasePlan International, Reinier is board member of the NIMA expertise platform B2B Marketing, and guest lecturer B2B Marketing at RSM.