Robert-Jan van Ogtrop

Robert-Jan van Ogtrop

Mr. van Ogtrop is a truly international businessman whose vision for the future connects clean tech, nature, and the development of sustainable and sustaining business models.  He is an active investor in the area of renewable energy and clean tech (including such companies as E2, Ledzworld, Kauta and SKYNRG).  As a Board member of the Wilderness Leadership School, Wilderness Foundation, BiD Network, the chairman of TBL Mirror Fund and African Parks, and as a founder of the Foundation for Natural Leadership and Circle Economy, Mr. van Ogtrop walks his talk:

"We do not really have any choice. We cannot continue to go ahead, exploiting the natural resources of our planet as if they were infinite nor using a linear growth model that produces enormous amounts of waste which inevitably will destroy our quality of life. It is time to use our collective intelligence to redesign our way of working with nature as inspiration since it is, in itself, a perfect ‘circle economy’."

Of note: The first non-French CEO of Remy-Martin. Makes an annual contribution of €25,000 to the African Parks portfolio (2011-2015 commitment).

Currently: This is not retirement: Chairman of TBL Mirror Fund, founder of Foundation for Natural Leadership and Circle Economy, Board member of Wilderness Leadership School, amongst other leading positions. 

Media: Read about Robert-Jan van Ogtrop (in Dutch) on the Foundation for Natural Leadership.