Christine Lim

Christine Lim

International Full-time MBA, 2010
San Francisco, USA
Founding partner and CEO of Wingpact
Nominated by former classmate Sourabh Sharma

Empowering female entrepreneurs through angel investing

Christine Emilie Lim is a co-founder and CEO of Wingpact in San Francisco Bay Area, aiming to bridge the gender gap in start-ups and angel investing. Angel investors provide capital for business start-ups, usually in exchange for ownership equity or shares, and share research, due diligence and pool investment capital through angel groups.

With Wingpact’s other co-founders, all of whom are female angel investors, Christine launched the first angel investing book for women in May 2016. Published by Green Fire Press, Impact With Wings: Stories to Inspire and Mobilize Women Angels and Entrepreneurs was written to inspire and encourage female angel investors, and will be used as a financial asset to fund more women-led start-ups.

Supporting for-profit social ventures

As an innovative leader, Christine is passionate about bringing more women into technology and early-stage investing worldwide. Her 10+ years of experience in Silicon Valley has prompted her to support for-profit social ventures with causes that she is passionate about. With that, Christine has shown how women can empower themselves financially and to be proactive in building a better community – in the USA and beyond.

Diaspora investing

“Every time someone tells me that what I want to do is impossible, it further drives me to prove them wrong,” she says. “RSM has made a big difference in my life journey. My MBA internship in Nepal provided me with a unique business and cultural experience. I've used the learnings from my international education and work experience as a competitive advantage to stand out from the pack.”

For her book, Christine interviewed entrepreneurs and investors from countries such as Columbia, Egypt, the Philippines and Argentina about the state of angel investing in emerging markets. Specifically, Christine describes how US immigrants can channel their finances back to their home countries as angel investments to fuel start-up innovation that will help solve many developing countries’ social problems, such as poverty, lack of education and food security. This concept is called diaspora investing.

As an angel investor, Christine invests in women-led, social impact startups. She is currently a board observer at social venture Kuli Kuli, the first consumer goods company in the USA to introduce a superfood called moringa sourced from farmers in West Africa and Haiti. She is also one of the seed investors at MyLabBox, which provides STD home testing kits.