Roos de Wit-Goedhart

Roos de Wit-Goedhart

Executive MBA, 2009; MSc BA Business Society Management, 2003 and Bedrijfswetenschappen doctoraal BSM, 2003
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Founder and CEO of Study Tours
Nominated by employee and RSM student Sebastian Jedraszak and former employee and fellow alumnus Robin van der Meulen

Uniting academics worldwide through study tours

Roos de Wit-Goedhart started her enterprise three years ago with one goal; to unite academics worldwide. Now, Study Tours designs, organises and delivers tailor-made and high-quality study tours on any topic for groups of participants with a university degree to educate, inspire and challenge participants worldwide.

Growing success

Her achievements are recognised by many renowned universities around the world; her clients include New York University Stern School of Business in the USA, the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa, and KEIO Business School in Japan.

Last year, Roos moved into the Rotterdam chapter of entrepreneurial community Cambridge Innovation Centre and hired more employees, confirming that Study Tours is growing and growing. She works together with people from different nationalities, and is open-minded to integrate sustainability and ethical entrepreneurship into Study Tour’s way of working and its programmes.

Critical thinking skills

Given her great ambition, knowledge and networking skills, Roos can solve issues by breaking through standard thinking patterns and existing silos. As a hard-working, passionate woman she made Study Tours a successful running company. She has worked with RSM to deliver workshops in Rotterdam, and is always looking for new opportunities and collaborations. Ultimately, Roos hopes to turn Study Tours into the world’s most international Study Tour organisation for academics.

“I get energy from the people around me; family, friends and the people I work with,” says Roos, adding that her role models are her mother and RSM Professor Dianne Bevelander. “RSM has taught me to think critically and aim for the things I find important in life,” she says.

Female entrepreneurship

Her nominators, two RSM students who have worked with Roos at Study Tours, say she is a great example of female entrepreneurship. In addition to Study Tours, Roos recently co-founded a new initiative, Female Ventures. This new start-up supports women who are budding female entrepreneurs, or have started their own organisations. Through Female Ventures, Roos shares RSM practices on a global level and provides social value.

Roos was a finalist in the Dutch national finals of Get in the Ring, and semi-finalist in TheNextWomen Pitch Competition. Her organisation Study Tours has been listed in the Accenture Innovation Awards’ category Seamless Travel and Transportation, Viva400’s category Knappe Koppen, the top 50 of Rabobank’s The Next Entrepreneur, and Accenture Innovation Awards’ category Skills to Succeed.