Alexandre Moneton & Jasper J. J. Buntinx

Alexandre Moneton & Jasper J. J. Buntinx

BSc International Business Administration 2011, MSc CEMS/IM 2014 & BSc International Business Administration 2012, MSc F&I 2014

Alumni volunteer award recipients

Jasper, an infrastructure associate at Macquarie Group in London, and Alexandre, founder at Danish Capital LLC in Toronto, established the RSM Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship in 2016. It supports students from the EEA who would otherwise not be able to participate in the BScIBA at RSM due to financial constraints. The two alumni say they sought international careers because of RSM’s international character, and they want to help the younger generation succeed internationally too.

By creating a caring and diverse community of alumni mentors who inspire and support students, Jasper and Alexandre promote long-lasting alumni relations.  There are now six IBA alumni sponsoring scholarships and providing mentoring for three students; more alumni are sought to expand the scholarship and encourage students with entrepreneurial spirit. It shows how they value social entrepreneurship, and it boosts RSM’s reputation – which accumulates talent. Alexandre’s mentoring and ‘sincere advice’ is effective and useful, says his student mentee; it helps him with extra-curricular activities and in the development and implementation of entrepreneurial projects.

Their nominators are bachelor students Nicholas Savvakis (IBA 2019) and Emilian Krasimirov Todinov (IBA 2020), who were the first two students to receive the scholarship. They say mentoring from alumni donating to the scholarship positively influences the recipients’ entrepreneurial quests, and stimulates the IBA programme’s community and entrepreneurial character.