Alexandra Winterstein

Alexandra Winterstein

Study | Year of graduation:  Fulltime MBA, 2000

Employer:  IBM

Job title: Global Alliances Manager

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM?
“When I reflect on the career that I have today, it’s definitely the wealth of knowledge I received that helped me understand the operational foundations of a company! My undergraduate background focused on political science and history -  a 'liberal’ and general education,  a truly interesting one, but one that didn't really prepare me for my work in the ‘real world’.  And so I quickly realised that an MBA would be helpful in helping me better understand my IT clients. RSM certainly exceeded my expectations.” 

What was your most memorable moment at RSM?
“A very good question because there were so many! The most memorable included team-building activities when we were pulling ‘all-nighters’ to hand in a project; or the RSM Olympics in which we were striving to win the games, and the theatrical skit we pulled off that evening. Other memories were dodging the raindrops in Rotterdam, the pub crawls, and of course, enlightening moments given by professors in our strategy, marketing, supply chain or psychology management courses. My favourite phrase that I still use today is: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink". I'm sure my classmates remember that phrase as well.” 

How would your former classmates describe you?
“Probably a little ‘German-Austrian’; always punctual, responsible, and a little serious; I can't say that too much has changed, alas, but I’m still a team player, I hope!” 

Name three things that make you smile each day: 
“Sunshine, my family and achieving what I strive to set out for the day and smiling when I find that I didn't do it after all.” 

What is your greatest passion in life?
“My greatest passion in life is traveling and learning about other countries and cultures. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities I have in my profession that allow me to do just that.” 

What is your ‘I WILL’? 
“I will be of service.”