Alexey Kirichek

Alexey Kirichek

Study | Year of graduation: Executive MBA, 2011

Employment: The GAME Agency Pro and SPHERE Sports & Consulting

Job title: Co-founder and Managing Director

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM?
"Thanks to my education at RSM I’ve developed such valuable skills like social networking and communication skills. Also I’ve sharpened the ability to identify my strengths and weaknesses through self-reflection and environment estimation. All these skills help me on my way to leadership."

What was the most memorable moment at RSM?
"It was our project work during our trip to South Africa. We developed the business plan for the dance group in the Alexandra Township in Johannesburg. I still remember the passionate work of all our group members and of those guys who created the dance project. I want to thank RSM again for giving us the chance to be involved in such projects."

How would your former classmates describe you?
"My former classmates would say that I’m a very authentic person. I am always confident in my decisions and I’m at peace with my inner values. During our time at RSM they always said I have a rational mind and I’m a very curious person, always willing to search for truth."

Name three things that make you smile each day!
"I’m very happy to be the father of my two-year old daughter; she makes me smile each day. Also the smile of any other person I meet anywhere on the street makes me smile in response. Each day one of my friends or colleagues in my social networks share nice moments from their business or private lives that make me smile. I’m so happy that I got a chance to meet them all!"

What is your greatest passion in life?
"The greatest passion in my life at the moment is teaching sport management to students. I developed my own lecture programme and promote it to business schools and universities, and organised a platform on my blog for sharing experiences and discussing cases. Leadership for me means creating vision, inspiring and influencing others, and setting the trail for others to follow."

What is your ‘I WILL’?
"I WILL continue to learn and to share my knowledge with others!

Learning means for me growing intellectually, turning information into knowledge and then into wisdom. It helps to become an expert in your field. Teaching and mentoring for me means leaving a footprint, being remembered. I want to contribute to achievements of others, open new horizons for them, be respected and live leadership!"