Eliana Angelova

Eliana Angelova

Study | Year of graduation: FT MBA, 2007

Employment: Avios

Job title: Head of Global Business Development

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM? 
"The RSM MBA programme was a transformational experience in many aspects, including the comprehensive curriculum and the interactive way of learning. Whilst there were a wide range of technical skills which I took away and regularly apply in my professional life, the most valuable skills I developed were managing complexity and dealing with uncertainty on a daily basis."

What was the most memorable moment at RSM?
"This has to be the MBAT Olympics! The event really brought us together as a team and we demonstrated a fantastic team spirit. We competed in sports few of us excelled in, and yet lack of sports skills did not stop us from giving it our all, coming up with a ’team song’ (which we still sing to this day when we get together), and delivering outstanding results during the two-day competition."

How would your former classmates describe you?
"I think they would describe me as hard working individual who is passionate about delivering strong results within the specified deadlines."

Name three things that make you smile every day.
"Turning a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ from a negotiation point of view; having the freedom to choose and flexibility to do what I love professionally; and connecting with old friends to try and maintain the very evasive work-life balance. Failing those three, my husband always puts a smile on my face – and not having to cook after a long day at work also does the trick!"

What is your greatest passion in life?
"I have always loved travelling and being exposed to different cultures. I caught the travel bug when I was living in Angola with my parents at the age of six and I have since taken every possible opportunity to travel. It broadens one’s horizons in ways few other activities do and, in most circumstances, makes a challenging task look doable and the impossible seem within easy reach."

What is your 'I WILL'?
"I WILL challenge and deliver!"