Yannis Pagoulatos

Yannis Pagoulatos

Study | Year of graduation: FT MBA, 2012

Employment: LGE B2B Vertical Sales

Job title: Senior European Vertical Manager, Marine Market

What are the most valuable skills that you took from your education at RSM?
"Apart from RSM’s solid academic supplies, it helped me to be more agile and able to prioritise my equally important decisions. The Personal Leadership Development programme developed skills such as the ability to communicate and pitch a change of a policy or a new strategic plan to top management. In addition to academic knowledge in leadership, the most valuable skill was to develop empathy and camaraderie among the class and consecutively in the work environment."

What was the most memorable moment at RSM?

"The organisation and success of the RSM MBA Regatta. I had the chance to lead the event as president of the RSM Sailing Club, to make it the most international MBA event involving alumni from other top MBAs, and of course to be honoured by the presence of the Dean. What made it even more memorable was the fun that I had with my classmates when we sailed together in the most harsh weather conditions, with the most inexperienced skipper (me), and managed to win the last race with an inflatable dolphin in the back of the boat."

How would your former classmates describe you?

"Passionate and dedicated because I work very hard to make things a success. Also, a social hub because I was selected within the top 5 students in my class with the most professional and social interconnections in Karen Stephenson's network research. One of my classmates called me The Train, because whenever I left a meeting room to get a drink I stopped every 10 metres for a chat with a classmate that was on my way."

Name 3 things that make you smile each day!
"My new born son is a new chapter in my life. Regardless of how tough my working day or how long a business trip was, when I hold him I forget everything and smile with him. Also, having after-work drinks with my MBA classmates and the cooking skills of my wife, who is a former MBA classmate. And last but not least: success!"

What is your greatest passion in life?
"I never expected that after 28 years in sunny Greece, I would develop such a big love for sailing in the Netherlands. Ever since I joined the MBA I practise so much for all the MBA regattas that all my social activities are now around this hobby. I organise the RSM MBA Armada cruise with the RSM Sailing Club every August. More than 80 students and alumni from other top MBAs join this event from Europe, the USA and Latin America. I now have a bigger MBA network in London, Milan, Paris and Madrid. Wouldn't that become anyone’s passion?"

What is your ‘I WILL’?
"I WILL tackle every challenge."