How to give

How to give

A one off donation

You can use a credit card, iDeal or PayPal to donate any amount through our secure online portal.

Or you can make a direct transfer to Erasmus Trustfonds. Please include RSM Annual Fund in the description.

IBAN: NL06ABNA0564414352 


Recurring donations

Recurring donations help us ensure the continuity of scholarships and student projects. You can set up monthly, quarterly or annual donations. You can stop donating at any time by contacting RSM or your bank. 

  • For monthly or quarterly donations - we are currently working on a system to collect these. If you would like to give monthly, please leave your contact details and we'll notify you as soon as it's available.
  • For recurring annual donations, please download the form and information sheet.  Please return the completed form to Rachel Grandi 


Other ways to give

If you are interested in any of the opportunities below, please contact Rachel Grandi  
•    establishing a new scholarship
•    creating a named fund 
•    Bequests
•    corporate and foundation donations

  • Due to the ANBI status of the Erasmus Trustfonds, a donation to RSM is tax deductible for Dutch taxpayers. Donors from other countries may also be able to take advantage of tax benefits. Please consult your local tax authority for rules and regulations regarding international giving.

  • Single donation

    A one-off donation is tax deductible when the amount donated exceeds €60 and the donated amount is at least 1% of the taxable income. The maximum deductible amount equals 10% of the taxable income. If you have a tax partner, then the taxable income of your tax partner is added to the 1% minimum threshold requirement.

    Annuity donation (lijfrenteschenking/periodieke giften)

    If you would like make a commitment to supporting RSM financially, the tax benefits are far greater with an annuity donation (lijfrenteschenking). If you donate regularly for at least five years, the full donation amount is tax deductible.

    For further information about tax deductions and donations, consult the website of the Belastingdienst, the tax and customs administration in the Netherlands.

  • If you are a British taxpayer, then donations made to RSM through Transnational Giving Europe are tax deductible through the Gift Aid scheme – giving us an extra 25p for every £ you donate. Email to receive the Gift Request form and Gift Aid Declaration form.

    Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year (6 April to 5 April). Find out more on GOV.UK.

  • For US citizens we have the option to donate through the Chapel-York Foundation. Donations through their online giving platform are tax deductible for US tax purposes.
    Click here to make an online donation

    • In the dropdown menu for Select a fund holder highlight Erasmus Trust Fund
    • In the suggest use text box please enter “RSM”

    If you would like to make your gift by check or wire transfer, please email Rachel Grandi for assistance in processing your donation.