Donations to our Dean's Positive Change Fund, big or small, ensure the continuation of research projects or the creation of new projects that address the big challenges of our time and enable positive change.

Some examples of RSM projects that are already creating positive change :

Goal Setting

A unique intervention that is already used in RSM’s bachelor programmes, researched and designed by Prof. Michaéla Schippers. It has created significant improvement in student performance and reduced drop-out rates for first-year students.

The Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business

This specialist research centre at RSM works towards game-changing strategies for sustainable impact in the transformation of the energy market. Its annual Erasmus Energy Forum connects business, academic and politics.

Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations

The ECWO team is devoted to making a significant contribution towards the achievement of gender equality in society by instilling awareness in individuals through educational programmes, and by transforming companies through strategic policies.

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