General tips for mentees

General tips for mentees:

1. Initiate. Ask your mentor questions, let your mentor know your educational and professional interests and objectives, and ask about your mentor’s experiences. Taking the initiative to ask helps to sustain the mentoring relationship – don’t be shy.

2. Help Your Mentor Help You. Come well prepared to each scheduled meeting. Tell your mentor how they can be most helpful to you. Know what you want to ask, be aware of what you need.

3. Ask. Identify what you need to know, and have some questions prepared. You could ask general questions about your mentor’s industry, or about their job, the company, or their professional background and career path.

4. Commit. Your mentor has a busy job, but has volunteered to take time for mentoring. Please be appreciative of your mentor’s time and effort; that means responding in a timely manner to your mentor's emails or messages.

5. Expect Support, Not Miracles. You can expect a certain level of support and advice from a mentor, but they can't solve your problems for you. Perhaps the most valuable quality a mentor can offer is an alternative point of view and to suggest steps forward.

6. Follow up. When you decide to act on your mentor’s suggestions, act in a timely manner and report back to them. Send written thank you notes to anyone your mentor arranges for you to meet or talk to.