Tips for your first consultation

Tips for your first consultation

Tips for your first consultation:

Think about:

  • What do you expect from this mentor?
  • How often would you like to connect?
  • What is your preferred method of communication (i.e. RSM MentorMe tools, telephone, email, Skype, in person)?

Get to know your mentor. You could ask:

  • Have you had a mentor of your own before? Have they been a mentor for someone else before? What did you learn from your experience of mentoring?
  • Tell me about your RSM experience. What did you like best about it? What was the most useful part of it?
  • How did you transition from business school to the professional world?
  • Would you be willing to review my resume, cover letter, or help me practice my interview skills?
  • You could ask about a current event or issue in your field of interest.
  • May I keep in touch with you and let you know my progress?