Invited classes

Invited classes

This year, we are inviting the classes that end with a '5' or a '0', as they will celebrate their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year anniversary of their graduation from the school. Please see below an overview of all classes, and view your graduation photos - if we have them.

Don't see your class graduation picture here but you have a copy at home? Please do not hesistate to send it to us (digital file or scan of a print photo) at - we would love to add it to our archive and this webpage.

MBA Class of 1990

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 1995

MBA Class of 1995

Executive MBA/MBI Class of 2000

MBA/MBI Class of 2000

Part-time MBA Class of 2000

Executive MBA Class of 2005

MBA Class of 2005

MHR Class of 2005

OneMBA Class of 2005

Executive MBA Class of 2010

MBA Class of 2010

MFM Class of 2010

OneMBA Class of 2010

XFML Class of 2010

Executive MBA Class of 2015

MBA/MFM Class of 2015

OneMBA Class of 2015

XFMM Class of 2015