Become a class ambassador!

Become a class ambassador!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a class ambassador for this year’s MBA reunion! Your contribution is incredibly valuable in making sure this will become an unforgettable reunion for your classmates.

As class ambassador, you work closely with RSM Alumni Relations Office in making sure:

  • Everyone in the class (or at least most of them) is informed about the event on 4-5 October;
  • Ensure as many classmates join as possible.


The class with the highest attendance will get a special prize!

Possible steps in making a great reunion together for you and your classmates include:

  • Helping RSM Alumni Relations Office to spread the message using existing social channels (your class maybe already has a Facebook group, WhatsApp community etc);
  • Contacting our ‘’lost alumni’’. There are alumni for whom we do not have update details. With the power of your network (and those of your classmates!), we can make sure we inform everyone;
  • Encouraging classmates to attend! Attendance at the reunions is like a snowball – the more of you are planning to come, the more interesting will be for those of your classmates still doubting to come;
  • Gathering photos from your time at RSM and previous reunions.

Of course, we are always open to hear your ideas, too! Please let us know how we can make it a special occasion for you. In the meantime, we are working on preparing a lovely programme for you, giving you enough time to catch up with your classmates as well as get a fresh update on the school and visit our renewed campus.

Let’s make a great reunion together!


Become an ambassador