Executive MBA Class of 2006

Executive MBA Class of 2006

Who is coming?

Already registered:
JP Broekgaarden
James Faust
Andre Ferreira
Diana Jimenez
Mark Jonker
Philip Joyce
Marten Kardux
Michael Kerlin
Maurits de Neree tot Babberich
Lisa Pao
Ian Rasmussen
Maarten de Roos
Andrew Rufener
Carolien Vermaas
Ksenia Vlassova

Join them for the celebration and encourage all of your classmates to come!

Eventbrite - RSM MBA Alumni Reunion 2016

There was a number of your classmates that we couldn't reach
, see their names here. If you are in contact with anyone from the list, please forward them the message about the MBA Alumni Reunion 2016 or inform the Alumni Office on alumnirelations@rsm.nl with updated contact details. Thank you in advance!