Full-time MBA and MBA/MBI Class of 2001

Full-time MBA and MBA/MBI Class of 2001

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Peter Angelos
Maarten Baardse
Zviya Baron
Stefano Basile
Pierre Collowald
Margaret Gold
Alexei Grishechkin
Scout Herremans
Bernardus Holtrop
Matthew Horey
Han van Kasteren
Igor Kazatchkov
Tassos Kitsantas
Elke Kux
Ramon Molier
Anna Papantoniou
Rob Perkins
Vladimir Ploskov
Ernest Poku
Florian Pollner
Ivan Postigo
Marlies Sandee
Sunil Singh
Lars Solbakken
James Tita
Andrey Vanin
Nicola Wulff

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Eventbrite - RSM MBA Alumni Reunion 2016

There was a number of your classmates that we couldn't reach, see their names here. If you are in contact with anyone from the list, please forward them the message about the MBA Alumni Reunion 2016 or inform the Alumni Office on alumnirelations@rsm.nl with updated contact details. Thank you in advance!