Alumni in the Spotlight

Alumni in the Spotlight

We are not looking for extraordinary speakers; we are looking for extraordinary MBA Alumni stories!  Alumni in the spotlight wants to give you the opportunity to share powerful life lessons on your journey after the MBA and help other generations understand what you went through and how you became an agent of positive change.

The Alumni team will be selecting the 4 best proposals to give a 10-minute Ted-style talk on a variety of topics (no text slides allowed!). Of course, if your speech proposal is selected, we will provide you with a class from a Public Speaker Trainer (or coach) to shine on your reunion day!

We will also provide you with professional pictures of your time on stage and small video clips that you can share with your friends and family in social media. Let’s make this the best reunion ever by making YOU the center of the celebration.


  • An idea that originated in your community but is widely relatable
  • Ideas that need to be defended / an interesting argument
  • Ideas that change perceptions on preconceived notions


  • The coolest thing I worked in since the MBA
  • How to start again in a new place?
  • Lessons on leadership
  • Biggest life lessons after the MBA
  • Failing and how it made me who I am today
  • How am I an agent of Positive Change?
  • If you have a cool topic to present, click on 'apply'


When you’re ready, click on the ‘Apply’ button to start your application.