Share your class photos

Share your class photos

Whether or not you can make it back to Rotterdam to attend your MBA Reunion, you can still help to make the occasion more special for everyone by sharing your old class photographs.

Using our photo sharing tool, you can safely send us your old photographs. We'll collect them together and share them with your classmates on the day of the reunion and then afterwards by email.

How to share your photos

It only takes a few minutes to securely send your photos to RSM. Follow the instructions below to add your photos.

Please remember, we will share your photographs with attendees of the MBA Reunion 2019 and other alumni from your MBA class. Otherwise, we'll treat your images in line with our privacy policy for photography.

Follow these steps

  • 1. Visit our secure sharing page at 
  • 2. Ignore the request to log in, and instead look at the box underneath that says "Drag & Drop your files here"
  • 3. Either click here and choose the photos you want to share, or just drag the photos onto this box
  • 4. On the next screen, you have another chance to add any more photographs you forgot about.
  • 5. Next, in the box labelled "Email address(es) recipient(s)" enter 
  • 6. In the following box, enter your email address
  • 7. Finally, in the box labelled "Message for recipient", enter your programme and year, such as "EMBA 2009" or "MBA 1989"
  • 8. If you want to add a message or description, you can put it after the class year.
  • 9. To complete the process, enter the word in the security check and click "Send files"

If you have any problems sharing your photos, email us at