Local Chapter Benelux (Amsterdam & Brussels & Luxembourg)

Local Chapter Benelux (Amsterdam & Brussels & Luxembourg)

Number of alumni in Amsterdam +2000
Number of alumni in Brussels 85
Number of alumni in Luxembourg 46
Email Address alumni-Benelux@rsm.nl
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Meet our Amsterdam Chapter Leader!

We are looking for a new Amsterdam Chapter Leader. Interested? Let us know at alumni@rsm.nl!

Meet our Brussels Chapter Leaders!

Sébastien Flageollet
OneMBA, 2016
Manager, Strategy - Deloitte

Meet our Luxembourg Chapter Leader!

Raman Karol
Full-Time MBA, 2005
General Manager - ArcelorMittal

Events overview

Please see the event calendar if there is an upcoming event of this Local Chapter.

2 December 2015, Local Chapter Luxembourg Opening Drink
Around 20 alumni gathered for the first time in Luxembourg to network and spend a nice Wednesday evening together.

12 May 2014, Friday Afternoon Drink
30 alumni gathered at Gustavino's (Amsterdam Zuid-WTC) for a Friday afternoon drink.