Last year, we kickstarted the pilot of this project, needless to say - it was successful and we received the go-ahead to scale! We connected 22 students to 7 NGOs. All students avidly supported their NGOs with diverse tasks, ranging from website optimisation and re-design, to social media marketing channels and financial reporting. Due to their hard work, the NGOs all moved a couple of steps closer to their missions, ranging from securing clean water supply in Zimbabwe to integrating disabled orphans in Sri Lanka. 

In order to continuously improve the consulting teams’ work, the students were provided with diverse workshops and training on a regular basis. Members of RSM faculty, members of the student board, and even working professionals hosted events on social media marketing, social impact consulting, strategic problem solving, sales, relationship building, stakeholder management, and many more! Now, all current participants are diligently working under their coaches’ guidance to finalise ongoing projects and provide sustainable recommendations for the future of the NGOs.

Students' experiences

"For me personally being part of the I DO pilot was very special. I worked for the Quality for Life Foundation that promotes education, health and equal rights in India. Next to developing a Marketing Strategy, I provided legal and strategic advice for the organisation and much more. It really was a learning by doing experience, which gave me valuable insights in my strengths and weaknesses and showed me that we as students really are capable of making an impact in the real world not tomorrow or in 5 years but right at this time." Fenna Van Geloven, Dutch, BA2

"Working in I DO has brought me a practical business experience. Throughout our consulting work, I applied the skills I learned in my courses and analysed the strengths and weakness of our NGO. With my team, we redesigned our organisation’s website and raised funds for their projects with the organisation of masks sale and online events. It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and contribute towards a greater good." Victoire Jeanson, French, IBA

"Working closely with my teams NGO, allowed me to gain relevant experiences in the field of consulting, while making a positive and visible impact on disabled children in Bangladesh." Anthony Terjesen, Dutch, IBA

"Within the scope of the I DO - Project, founded at Rotterdam School of Management, our team of consultants advises the Rhiza foundation on Business Development, devising a social media marketing strategy and acquiring corporate partners, with the goal of increasing funding and brand awareness." Hannah Zapf, German, IBA

"Working on my teams NGO's strategy and helping them get new sponsors has been a fun learning experience. I now understand what the role of a consultant is. Furthermore, working in a team with like-minded students has been a blast. I recommend joining I Do 100%!" Olga Molinier, French, IBA

"Helping our teams NGO on their marketing plan has allowed me to better understand how to pair the internal values of an organisation with their external environment." Tahmine Tilyayeva, Uzbek, IBA