Elective from another faculty or university

Elective from another faculty or university

It is possible to follow a course offered by a different faculty or university as an elective during the IBA curriculum. If you wish to do so, there are a number of important steps you need to take and requirements that you must meet. Please find more detailed information about 5-EC elective options and procedures for IBA students below.

What to keep in mind when selecting a 5-EC-elective from another faculty or university:

  • You can take an elective at any time during the year (depending on the availability of the course at the specified faculty)
  • The elective must be taught in English (minimum of 5 EC)
  • No content overlap is allowed with IBA-courses
  • Make sure you care allowed to and can participate in the selected elective by registering for the course or contacting the other faculty. The registration process may differ from programme to programme. It is your own responsibility to see if you meet that course’s (and university’s) requirements.
  • When you know for sure you can participate, you need to ask permission from the RSM-Examination Board via their online request form

Be sure to include the following information when making your request:

  • Language the course is taught in (English)
  • Dates of the course
  • The number of ECs of the elective
  • A detailed course description of the elective you wish to take
  • Please note that elective registration deadlines vary per faculty and that each faculty has its own trimester or semester system.

Moreover, please consider that throughout this process, several requirements apply.
See the 'Elective space’ page on the Examination Board's website for more information about the general policy of the Examination Board regarding elective courses from another faculty or university.


Faculties that offer elective courses for RSM students

More information about following elective courses at EUR can be found in the University Elective Course Guide. Find course descriptions of potential elective courses by filling out the course code in: https://courses.eur.nl 

For other questions about elective options, please contact BSc Programme Management at bsc.pm@rsm.nl or contact a Student Adviser.