One of the possible elective options to consider is an internship which involves the research of a practical problem that is carried out for an international organisation abroad or in the Netherlands (for non-Dutch students). The internship will be awarded 15 EC or 20 EC, depending on the choice you make.

  • A 15 EC internship must last at least 10 weeks full-time (the equivalent of 420 working hours) and a report of 20 pages must be handed in.
  • A 20 EC internship must last at least 15 weeks full-time (the equivalent of 560 working hours) and a report of 25 pages must be handed in.

Once you have found an internship, the first step would be to register your internship via in order to be assigned an academic coach. Click on "case" (or "zaak" in Dutch), fill out the required fields and submit your internship proposal. Here is a Word version of the Bachelor internship proposal form.

For information about finding an internship, meeting the specific requirements for receiving credit, and much more, please consult the Bachelor Internship Manual, or the Career Centre website.

For an overview of available internships, please refer to the RSM Career Portal

Please note: You may not receive credits for an internship if you have not successfully passed all of your B1 courses prior to the start of your internship. Only internships that have been registered via before the start date of the internship are eligible for grading.