Course Registration

Course Registration

Before, it was possible for you to register for a course in OSIRIS Student yourself and it was also possible to register for all the courses of the whole academic year at once. However, the registration process for the new academic year 2020-2021 is changed for the courses during the period september - december.

B1 students: you will automatically be registered by BSc Programme Management for the bachelor 1 courses in OSIRIS.

B2 students: you will automatically be registered for the block 5 and block 6 courses by BSc Programme Management. You do not need to register yourself for these courses. Please be informed that this is done for your block 5 and block 6 courses only. You will soon receive additional instructions on how you can register for your remaining B2 courses in the following blocks.

Please note that other rules apply to retakers who still have a B2 course open. Please consult this page for detailed instructions as to how you can still complete your B2 course(s).

B3 students: it is not possible yet to register for the courses of Trimester 8 and 9 in OSIRIS Student. As soon as this is made available, we will inform you through SIN-Online and through this page. 

Do you still need to complete Bachelor 2 courses of the old IBA curriculum? Please read this message through to check the availability of the courses.

Pre-Master IBA students: you have all been registered for the course Research Project by Programme Management. If you would like to follow a master-specific course in Block 1 and you are not enrolled in this course yet, please contact us as soon as possible through

In general, after you have succesfully been enrolled in a course in OSIRIS you are automatically registered for all of the examinations of the course (with the exception of the re-sit examination, if applicable). If you have been correctly registered in OSIRIS for a course you will automatically be enrolled on the Canvas page and the SIN-Online course channel within 24 hours.