Add-on Year

Add-on Year

What is an Add-on Year?
An Add-on Year is an additional year after B3, enabling you to take various combinations of the exchange (always in B3), the minor and the internship. So instead of having to choose, you can now do it all! Moreover, you can vary the length and weight of your internship or complete two internships. After successful completion, the Add-on Year will be part of the degree programme and will be mentioned on the grade transcript of your certificate. The Add-on Year itself should comprise at least 60 ECTS, but you are required to set up a plan including the first trimester of B3. The combination of Add-on Year (60 ECTS) and fall term of B3 (20 ECTS) should always be 80 ECTS in total. The Add-on Year will be offered for the first time in the academic year 2019-2020.

What are the admission requirements?
For the Add-on Year you should have completed 105 ECTS (B1 completed with 60 ECTS and 45 ECTS out of B2 and B3) and Bachelor Thesis completed.

Where can I find more information?
-For questions about your internship(s) during your Add-on Year you can contact RSM Career Centre.
-For questions about your exchange you can contact the International Office.
-For questions about your minor please have a look at the minor website.

If you need help with your study plan or choices you can schedule an appointment with one of our student advisers.

How do I apply for the Add-on Year and what is the deadline?
There is a double application procedure in place:

• You need to follow the regular procedure for the Minor (register before the end of May), for the Internship (register your internship at RSM Career Centre at least two weeks before you start) and for the exchange with International Office (beginning of December).

• In addition you need to register as an ‘Add-on Year’ student before 31 May 2019. Please click on the banner on top of this page to open the online registration form and enter your details and upload your study progress report and your plan of studies for the 3 terms involved in the Add-on Year (fall B3 and fall and spring during the Add-on Year).

How detailed does my Sandwich Year plan or Add-on Year plan need to be?
We would like to receive a schematic overview like we used in our examples in this document. So please indicate what you are planning to do in each term including the number of ECTS you expect to acquire. We don’t need to receive detailed information on your exchange choices or internship company or minor choice.